Do you have a story to tell?

We are passionate about helping Storyformed authors take their works from their computer screen to a finished book or resource.

What’s a Storyformed author?

We’re glad you asked. Storyformed books & resources are:

  • Shaped by the Story of God as told in the Bible, in which the gospel is the central message and Jesus is the hero
  • Intended to point people to Jesus, whether subtly or explicitly
  • Willing to tackle the difficult, raw reality of life in a broken world, but always with hope
  • Aligned with the orthodox ethics and values of the Christian faith
  • Free of profanity, gratuitous or graphic sexual and violent content, and glorification of sin

 If your book or project answers “yes” to all of those questions, then you are a Storyformed author!


Publishing Services

Many authors do not want to pursue traditional publishing with a big-name publisher for a variety of reasons. But they simultaneously lack the skills to self-publish well on their own—not every author has experience with editing, graphic design, typesetting, working with printers, and the many other things that come with publishing a book with excellence!

This is where we fit in. We offer two pathways:

  • A-la-carte publishing services: We can help you prepare your work for publishing, whether you want to then self-publish or submit to other publishers. Our services include editing, proofreading, cover design, book layout and typesetting. You will pay for these services—only for what you want and need. Your work will not bear the Storyformed Press imprint, and you will retain full rights over your work.
  • Publishing contracts: We offer a very limited number of royalty-based publishing contracts in which handle all aspects of taking your work from edited manuscript to published work with you as our very involved partner (we immensely value our authors’ partnership in the creative process). You pay us nothing, and your contract may or may not include an advance against future royalties. Your work will bear our imprint, and we will sell it through our website and whatever other channels we deem feasible and fiscally viable at the time. You will do most of your own marketing and audience-building.

You will earn royalties off book sales (in some cases, we may offer a profit-sharing contract as an alternative to traditional royalties). Because we’re authors first, we intentionally designed our contracts to serve the author’s best interest, implementing almost all of the contract recommendations put out by the Author’s Guild. We seek to keep you actively involved in the process of bringing your project to fruition.


What We Publish

As we’ve already defined, we work with Storyformed projects. These can include fiction and nonfiction for any age. We are open to a wide variety of genres and types of works.

That being said, we are specifically interested in:

  • Fiction works that depict real, raw characters whose stories intersect with God’s story in a profound way (we aren’t into “fluffy” Christian fiction)
  • Children’s books that relay deep spiritual truths in an age-appropriate and relatable way
  • Discipleship resources

We will not work with any projects that contain profanity, gratuitous or graphic sexual or violent content, glorification of sin and evil, or ethics contrary to those of the Bible.


What We Are Not

We know who we are and who we are not. We’ve told you who we are; let’s be absolutely clear who we are not:

  • We are NOT a vanity publisher: we do not arrange publishing contracts in which the author pays us a large sum of money to publish their book with our imprint on it. We will either offer you a-la-carte services based on your needs, your goals, and our capacity, or we will offer you a traditional royalty-based publishing contract.
  • We are NOT a big-name publisher. We are a small publisher. That means we cannot get your book widespread distribution, nor can we get you on bestseller’s lists and secure you a giant audience. If your goal is to be on the shelf of Barnes and Noble and rank in mainstream book lists, we aren’t the right fit for you.
  • We are NOT literary agents. If you are looking for someone to represent you in your pursuit of publishing with another publishing company, we cannot help you!
  • We are NOT a big company. We only work with a select number of authors based on our current capacity, and we offer very few publishing contracts each year. We are also extremely specific with what projects fit our company heartbeat.

Next Steps

With all that out of the way, please tell us more about your project by filling out the form using the link below. We would love to chat with you and see if and how we can help.

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