Our Story

Soft-launched in 2020 as the publishing imprint for her own books, Storyformed Press is “the tiny seed of a very big dream”, as our founder, Britney Lyn Hamm, likes to say.

When Britney set out to pursue publishing of her first novel, she quickly found that the Christian publishing world bore complexities and demands that didn’t align with her current life calling as a ministry wife and a mom of young kids, nor did they align with her heart for her works. Quite simply, she found herself feeling like a very square peg in a very round world, but she knew God had a purpose for her writing. 

She ended up choosing to self-publish her novel despite being told by early readers, fellow authors, and agents that it was excellent and publishable. Self-publishing was the route that best fit the path God was calling her to in all areas of life, and with her experience in editing, graphic design, working with printers, and marketing communications, she was able to make it happen.

Through that process, Britney realized that there are probably many other authors like her out there—authors who have been given a gift from the Lord to share with others but who don’t desire, for whatever reason, to venture into the realm of literary agents and big name Christian publishers (or who don’t fit what mainstream publishers are looking for). She also realized that she possessed skills that had allowed her to self-publish well, while many authors can write but do not have these other skills.

Hence, Storyformed Press was born. First used as the publishing imprint for Britney and her husband’s first book in their 4-part discipleship series, Discipleship Lab, God has since brought other clients.

Storyformed Press offers publishing services such as editing, cover design, and book layout. We also offer a select number of royalty-based publishing contracts. Whatever we do, our aim is simple: to help others use their gift of the written word to communicate the life-transforming truth of the Story of God and its central hero—our Lord Jesus Christ. 


About Our Founder

Britney Lyn Hamm author editor publisherBritney Lyn Hamm is an author, editor, designer, wife, mom, and most importantly, a passionate follower of Jesus Christ. She was classically educated, which taught her how to articulate well and think critically. She holds a degree in Psychology and has some training in biblical counseling. She has loved writing for as long as she can remember.

Britney has experience in marketing communications and graphic design, working primarily with nonprofits and churches. She was the editor for the nonfiction book The Same Kind of Human: Seeing the Marginalized and Exploited through Eyes of Grace.

Britney is the author of one fiction book, Finding Freedom, and is in the process of publishing the second. She and her husband are co-authoring a four-book discipleship series called Discipleship Lab. Britney writes regularly for The Pathway and is the editor of The Collegiate DiscipleMaker blog.

Her greatest joy and calling is being a college ministry wife to her husband since 2009 and a homeschool mom of four. She is passionate about Jesus and His Word, and she loves discipling younger women to apply His truth to their lives. She also loves coffee, chocolate, and being out in nature.